#ac43e480 - ALTINO Designer Socks - Eat My Gelato Collection - Stop Plastic Packaging - #PlasticCops - Apparel - Accessories - Clothing For Girls - Women Footwear
#ac43e480 - ALTINO Designer Socks - Eat My Gelato Collection

|ref:1.0|socks-17-ic-c-ac43e4-181012-593f09-aa8f7f-10-80-all_flavors_swirl|b45d429a87d144b5986218e3f6a52037| Slip into these finely crafted, super trendy, elegant, fun and fashionable and beautiful socks. Beautifully hand made! ADMIT IT... We all fall in love ... with GELATO. We dedicate our GELATO collection of fashion inspirations to all the super yummy yummy flavors of gelato, ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, all the swirls, parfaits, ripples, coupes, sundaes, granitas, boules, and yes even the great supreme Dame Blanche, plus the hundreds of other names we give our most beloved sweet treats. Don't worry you BLACK lovers - make sure you check out our 'Black Chocolate Unicorn Magic' flavor mixtures too! WE ADORE THESE GELATO COLORS! We hope you will come and eat (oops LOL - we mean wear) our clothing too! ORDER TODAY - DON'T MISS THIS GREAT PIECE.

Sample Zoom Swatch - Beautiful Details

Choose ALTINO - Why stop at one pair - buy several pairs to match all your fantastic fashion moods! All our items are individually made and hand crafted. Made with LOVE. ALTINO is your must-shop store for the cutest, most exclusive new fashion items! Please remember to say our mantra every day: STRONG - FIT - SMART - BEAUTIFUL.

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