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#16da8680 - ALTINO Designer Socks - Senshi Girl Collection

|ref:1.0|socks-99-sg-c-16da86-000000-ffffff-c2c4b7-10-80-tying_hair|0af130b8ad9d4c8f9b85d56b210dbf01| Slip into these finely crafted, super trendy, elegant, fun and fashionable and beautiful socks. The SENSHI collection is beautifully hand made. We techno-colored our fabric prints to create this amazing Japanese Manga super power style for our Senshi girl fashion line. The colors are amazing and each item is a piece of wearable art — with a little extra girl power mixed into the inks. Truly a rare piece to own! Senshi girl - you are the past, the present, the future — all together — all at once. From 500 hundred years ago to today to tomorrow to the year 2500. In this moment, keenly aware of your purpose, of your role in this cycle of living - protector, guardian, savior, enforcer of the natural ways. You are led by instinct and intellect - guided by tribal stories handed down from our timeless sisters. We celebrate our nature, our earth connection, our wise and hidden extra senses to discover and lead the world ahead. We are the Strong, the Fit, the Smart, the Beautiful — we are Senshi girls - warriors for all that is good. Be INVINCIBLE. #BeginYourLegacy #ALTINO #PlasticCops CHANGE THE WORLD - ALTINO is for every woman and girl who plan to change the world for better. ORDER TODAY - DON'T MISS THIS GREAT PIECE.

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