ADMIT IT... We all fall in love ... with GELATO.

If you love Gelato you will love our Gelato inspired fashion collection!

We dedicate our fashion inspirations to all the super yummy yummy flavors of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbert, all the swirls, parfaits, ripples, coupes, sundaes, granitas, boules, and yes even the great Dame Blanche, plus the hundreds of other names we give our most beloved sweet treats. Don't worry you BLACK lovers - make sure you check out our 'Black Chocolate Unicorn' flavor mixtures too!

We hope you come and eat (oops LOL - we mean wear) our clothing too!

Enjoy every lick of our one of a kind Gelato fashion inspirations. Richly designed with all kinds of yummy colors and flavors - including some of these amazing design fabric flavor mixes:

* Almond Coconut Dark Chocolate Sunday
* Apple Cherry Swirl
* Apricot Strawberry Sorbet
* Banana Ginger Kiwi Parfait
* Black Raspberry Marshmallow Coupe
* Blackberry Plum Sorbet
* Blueberry Peppermint Sorbet
* Brittle Marshmallow Sorbet
* Brownie Peanut Butter Swirl
* Bubble Gum Surprise
* Butterscotch Pecan Coupe
* Caramel Dark Chocolate Mulberry Parfait
* Cherry Dark Chocolate Swirl
* Cinnamon Maple Coupe
* Coconut Deep Mango Sorbet
* Coffee Hazelnut Coupe
* Dark Cherry Apricot Kiwi Sunday
* Dark Chocolate Red Raspberry Guava Sunday
* Deep Brownie Almond Coupe
* Deep Caramel Walnut Sorbet
* Deep Dark Chocolate Strawberry Swirl
* Deep Mocha Fudge Coupe
* Deep Pistachio Papaya Swirl
* Deep Plum French Vanilla Coupe
* Eggnog Maple Swirl
* French Vanilla Pistachio Swirl
* Fudge Maple Sorbet
* Ginger Lime Coupe
* Guava Papaya Swirl
* Hazelnut Plum Coupe
* Honeydew Kiwi Swirl
* Lemon Strawberry Swirl
* Macadamia Plum Coupe
* Mango Lime Swirl
* Milk Chocolate White Chocolate Coupe
* Mulberry Guava Coupe
* Orange Surprise
* Peach Lime Pear Ripple
* Peppermint White Chocolate Lime Ripple
* Red Raspberry Lime Sorbet
* Rich Ginger Boule
* Rum Raisin French Vanilla Swirl
* Walnut Eggnog Coupe
* Watermelon Black Raspberry Coupe
* White Chocolate Macadamia Coupe
* Wild Cherry Supreme Coupe